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SBA 7a Loans Online
(Small business administration)


Get great rates, long repayment terms, and low 
monthly payments with SBA loans. 

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Fast credit decision. In one day 
we will let you know if you qualify. 
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To qualify, 2 years in business,
650 credit score, and last 2 years of tax returns. 
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Disclosure.  KGFA Capital Ventures Inc. dba lendinero acts as loan facilitator, consultant or loan arranger on SBA loans. We do not work for the SBA nor do we represent the SBA.  We have agreements with numerous lenders that can underwrite SBA loans, approve, deny and fund SBA loans.  Rates can change any time without notice.  Approvals are subject to qualification.  Information within does not constitute a rate guarantee nor a loan approval on an SBA7A loan. 

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